• Phil Herridge

Some 2019's achievements at SPG

  • When SPG was formed in February 2019, I set out to disrupt the sales sector as it hadn’t changed since the 1980’s or more realistically, the 1780’s! Technology has moved on at a rate we’ve never witnessed before and the poor salesperson has been left behind in the dark ages still doing things the hard way, just because that’s the way they’ve always done things. In less than 6 months of trading, we’ve reached the finals for 2 awards with the winners being announced later this month. One of these awards is for Innovation in Sales Technology which solidifies that we’re definitely on course to make those positive changes to a sector that desperately needs resuscitating.

  • We have continued to grow in the UK and overseas, dominating our competitors by delivering a different level of expertise that can only be gleaned from working in a variety B2B sales roles over the past three decades. Only by understanding what the issues are first hand, can you deliver relevant real-world solutions to fix an actual problem – everyone else is merely just jumping on the bandwagon with no way of underpinning their services.

  • Semper Paratus Group are continuing to add new features and further automation into our services, as well as knowledge sharing from our own learning and those of our clients to ensure everyone is getting the very best ROI possible. To assist with this, we are creating a series of short ‘How to’ videos.


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