Frequently Asked Questions

What sectors use sales automation?

As long as you operate in a B2B sales environment, Semper Paratus Groups sales automation is sector agnostic. There are some crossovers into B2C too.


What size of business do I need to be to benefit from sales automation?

Our sales automation is ideal for any size of business. If you’re a sole trader, the automation means that you can work on other areas of your business and if you’re a Blue Chip organisation, it allows your sales teams to focus on having more sales conversations with the right decision-makers in your target audience.

Is your sales automation GDPR compliant?

GDPR doesn't affect Semper Paratus Groups sales automation and messaging campaigns, so whilst your other marketing communications could be severely curtailed, we ensure that you can run fully compliant campaigns.


How do I set up disruptive sales automation?

Whilst this is a self-service solution, Semper Paratus Group do offer a ‘platform set up’ for a small fee which includes a remote training session and access to our content templates.

Alternatively, you can outsource the entire prospecting & lead generation to us and we will set up & manage the campaigns, as well as scheduling appointments in your diary.

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